Wedding Celebration: Jbe and Denise Kruger

Denise, you personalized your look. Everything you wore complimented your final look.
I dreamed about a simple yet classy look, something that could take Jbe’s breath away as I walked down the isle. I prayed to God to help me so that I could be the most beautiful bride for my husband on our Wedding day.
I cried more than Jbe did. He was just the most beautiful person I have ever seen, and there he stood, waiting for me!

The dress was Godsent. My dress is called Joy, and that is exactly what she did, she brought Joy to me! I absolutely love my Wedding dress.
The choice of shoes were more about comfort. This was a gift from my mom.
I have fond memories of my childhood. My parents supported me throughout my life especially when practicing my Ballet. Wearing these shoes brought about feelings of pleasant remembrances. My mom added the final touch with soft lace detail.
My hair was styled by my best friend Lezahn. I trusted her to see the same picture that I had in my mind. This is not her profession, yet she did an excellent job.

Jbe adores me when I wear a headband. I thought this will be the perfect final touch.

I did not plan on wearing specific jewelry. I was surprised by the perfect gifts.
I was given the most exquisite pearl and diamond earrings by the Nieuwoudts.
Not only did Jbe spend a full day looking for my gift, but he also made sure this it was presented in the most romantic way. He came home with a Starbucks Bag with the writing: ‘Wedding Gift’, and of course with my favorite hot drink Chai Latte. I finally got to open the bag. I new it would be special, but this Pandora Bracelet just reminded me that we are blessed beyond words. We will be spending the rest of our lives together.
Each charm, diamond and pearl tells its own unique story.

Jbe’s mom gave me the most precious gift, a small diamond ring. It was a gift from her husband on Jbe’s birth.
This symbolized the beginning of our road. They raised a great man, they prepared him for life, for me, the man that I fell in love with, and still do every day.

God knows my heart, thoughts and my every dream.

The informal look of your Bridesmaids and Groomsmen suited the Venue and all over Wedding feel. Why did you decide to go for a more relaxed look?

The “Poor boy” look is a classic and stylish look and it was something we both like.
The vintage cars were something that Jbe has always wanted on his Wedding day.
Jbe hand-picked and fitted each peace of their outfit until the final image resembled something from the 1960’s. The result matched his vision perfectly.
The Brides maid’s dresses ended up being more casual because I wanted the ladies to “get jiggy on the dance floor”. Una Swanepoel designed these easy flowing comfortable dresses.
Annelize, my Sister-in-law made the jewellery (Glass Pearls) that matched their outfits and that just jazzed up the look a bit.

I might be wrong, but I suspect I am right. You don’t only have a game plan for your profession, but also for your life. You understand productivity, focus and dedication. I sensed that you and Denise understand each other without saying a word. This is a special and close connection.

God has made each of us so meticulously and so perfect for one another that there are no words to describe this sense of certainty.

I really loved using the Vintage cars as romantic props. Why did you decide to hire them?

Vintage cars resembles age, wisdom, respect and strength. It has seen time move, changes taking place.
It’s symbolic too, as it represents much more that the beauty of it. The owners treasured it trough decades, it reminds us of the words in 1 Corinthians 13.

You were nearly hit in the crossfire ‘war’ at Jbe’s speech. You did not mind the odd water drop or spiderman web. Most girls hide away, but you had so much fun with your husband.
That was something I debated against in the beginning, but when the moment came, my husband enjoyed each moment of fun. I did not mind at all.
It was memorable moments!
I knew his words because I know his heart. It did not matter that he did not get the chance to say everything because our love runs so much deeper that what we tell the world.
We also don’t mind to getting our hands dirty, you only live once!
On the other hand, Jbe is again a bit more adventurous than me, but I trust him, and if he is happy with what the moment brings, it makes me a very happy Mrs Kruger.

It seemed that both of you enjoyed the magic of your very special Wedding day. Is there anything that you would do differently?

This will be one of our most memorable days of our lives.
This Summer’s day was just perfect. The only breeze that came in was in the middle of the ceremony, and it felt like the Holy Spirit placing its seal on this promise.
God gave us so much more than we could ever dream of or ask for.
We asked Him to help us to “live in the moment” and that is exactly how it happened. We lived and breathed each second and we will not change a thing.

It was so much more than magical. It was Grace.

Venue: Down to Earth
Decor and Florist: Fancy Functions
DJ and Sound: Jacques Arendt Promotions
Entertainment: Micheal Lindt
Stationary: Annelize Joubert ‘Earth Anna’
Jewelry Designer: Dewald Engelbrecht, the VOW Diamnonds
Videographer: Eon Coetzee