Wedding Celebration: Danré and Julie Gerber

There were small bursts of flowers along side the isle. This was just enough to compliment Mother Nature that served as your exquisite backdrop.

Once upon a time there was a prince from Africa and princess from Europe. They fell in love and had a Charming Winter Wedding Celebration… a story, straight from a fantasy novel!

The ‘dream catchers’ was a prominent feature throughout your Wedding.

“I always loved dream catchers, always had a few at home. I love the story of them, the magic and spirituality behind it. It gives a gypsy touch, that is very me.”

Planning a destination Wedding is quit a challenge. Your wedding makes one of life’s most memorable moments.
Why did you use Forest hall as your choice of Venue?

We fell in love with Forest hall at the first sight! The nature, amazing trees, having both the mountains and the sea. It feel so peaceful here and the scenery is just magnificent.

Your form fitting mermaid styled dress was a perfect fit. I especially loved the deep tones of beige, the pattern and slight texture. The apparel was sophisticated and elegant.

The gorgeous cocktail dresses were different in colour and style. It suited the personality of each of your bridesmaids.
Why did you choose to have a selection of styles and not just one style?

I like the mix of style and colors. I am not too fond of homogeneity in general. I wanted my girls to choose so that they can express themselves. My only instructions was the colour palette. I loved the originality and fantasy about the dresses.

It is always amazing to see family and friends all in one spot. You both just soak it all up. Most of your guests came from all over the world. You thoroughly enjoyed their company.

What did you enjoy most about your Reception?

We wanted the reception to be a successful event and because of all the people coming from overseas. It was the perfect opportunity for friends and family to meet.
I loved everything and every minute of our reception! Our band, The Lucas Reunion, was awesome. They gave such a vibe to the evening, the food exquisite and watching all these different people getting along so well and partying together was a blessing!

The Menu was a feast. It was an innovative one-of-a kind presentation.
The food paved the way tot a fun-filled unforgettable evening.

Describe the food experience and why you did not have a formal sit down mean mail.
Our caterer, Dee’s catering, did an incredible job. We gave her our first ideas and the atmosphere we were looking for.
She managed to mix SA food and french touch. Our guests are from different countries, cultures and origin. The aim was to create a homely and relaxed atmosphere. They could sit or stand around any table.

Our Advice:
This is your day, your dream. Have fun planning your Wedding, and enjoy the Celebration on your special day!

Groom suite: Mark Dingley Brand identity,
Groomsmen : Brand identity and Woolworths
Wedding rings: Ritco Jewelers Port Elizabeth,
Bride dress: Loca Bridal Boutique Port Elizabeth,
Bride accessories: Loca bridal boutique,
Hair dresser: Marike de Groot & Lené,
Make-up artist: Marike de Groot,
Bridesmaids Make-up: Ilke van Vuuren
Wedding Planner: Event & Tents,
Decor: DIY Elanie & Elsabé,
Florist: Pippa’s Florist 044 533 0405
Wedding stationary: Lauren Redman
Caterer: Dee’s catering,
Entertainment(band): The Lucas Reunion,
Videographer: Stuart Brink,
Water : Ian Just Water,
Dream Catchers: Handmade by Lynette Marais