Saltwater Session: Know this

There is magic all around me when entering the personal space of children.
S a l t w a t e r – s e s s i o n s, one of my favourite shoots to do!
The photographer competes with the wind, the moist/fog, sand, sun and reflection(from ocean and sand). It’s wise to follow the instruction on the best possible time of day to shoot. For the purpose of family portraits, soft light please!

Beach sand; sticky yes, and the ocean waves are very noisy. Some kids do have tactile and noise sensitivity. If they do, postpone beach pics until they are older, rather choose another location.

Wind forecasts are not always accurate. The energy of the wind could really work for a photographer, or just make it very difficult to capture spontaneous moments. I love love love the wind. A photographer will try and shoot a clean no-hair-in-the-face image, but sometimes it also tells that raw and true story of that moment.

Such a classic moment! Photographers will try and give clear instructions and then move away to start the shoot – and something like this might happen behind your back. (ha-ha) A beach environment is a place where kids are easily distracted by birds, other people or anything that make their minds wonder.

We cannot predict the weather, or how kids will react to the beach environment. This is exactly the reason why I love beach photography so much. We just want you to know that it is not the easiest of locations to shoot but definitely one of the most creative spaces to choose!

This might come in handy:
Extra sets of clothes
Elastic band for hair
Baby powder (sprinkle some on hands etc. It removes the moisture from the skin and helps the sand to come off easily)